The 9th hintergrund website

Welcome to an all-new website for The 9th!

The 9th has freshened up for you! What started more or less as a plain room, has become a meeting point for the local scene. A space for communication and exchange about ideas, projects and strategies. Here you find people who do things differently and do their own thing. Now, we're extending this platform, so you can experience it online, too.

Digital processes on our side result in more comfort on yours.

Online payment

As of now you can sign up for your membership and pay it directly online. We've integrated Stripe which also automatically manages subscription payments. The comfortable online payments also apply for our options of day passes. Which by the way are valid any day so you don't have to purchase them for a specific date.

New membership models

We also added two brand new membership models to our range: The network membership and the coworking membership for students.

Wir haben außerdem das Angebot an Mitgliedschaften um die Netzwerkpartnerschaft und die Coworkingmitgliedschaft für Studenten erweitert.

Network membership:

You want to enter or support our 9th-Network but you're not a regular user of our coworking space? Now we've created a solution for you which still contains all the membership advantages and let's you use the 9th as a meeting point, especially when the new café by "Brews Lee Coffee" opens up on 01-08-2018.

Coworking membership for students:

Students get a special rate now when they want to use our coworking space. Special membership rates comes for 40€ a month as a special incentive to start working on your business idea and entering a network for that purpose.

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